Partecipazione e conflitto  

Descrizione dell’attività svolta nell’annata 2017

Every issue of PACO is divided into sections. The first section is always a special issue advertised through an open call edited by guest editors. Following the other sections, such as the Open Section where peer reviewed articles not related to monographic numbers are published.


Indice dei numeri pubblicati nell’annata 2017 

Vol. 10, No. 1 (2017). Special issue: Democracy in Latin America


 Quality of Democracy in Latin America

Simón Pachano, Manuel Anselmi

Special Issue

The State Participatory Budgeting in Rio Grande do Sul. Some Evidences from Pampas

Davide Carbonai, Alfredo Alejandro Gugliano, and Sergio Camiz

Democracy, Support for Democracy and Corruption. A Longitudinal Study of Latin American Countries

Davide Grassi, Vincenzo Memoli

Conceptualizing Kirchnerismo

Enrique Peruzzotti

Democracy and Representation in Paraguay

Liliana Rocío Duarte-Recalde 

The Quality of the Venezuelan Demoracy under Hugo Chavez (1999-2013)

Javier Corrales, Manuel Hidalgo

Special Section

Alternative Forms of Resilience Confronting Hard Economic Times. A South European Perspective

Maria Kousis

Alternative Forms of Resilience. A typology of approaches for the study of Citizen Collective Responses in Hard Economic Times

Maria Kousis, Maria Paschou

Back to Solidarity-Based Living? The Economic Crisis and the Development of Alternative Projects in Portugal

Britta Baumgarten 

Social Support Actions as Forms of Building Community Resilience at the Onset of the Crisis in Urban Greece: The Case of Chania

Marina Papadaki, Stefania Kalogeraki

Crisis, Urban Segregation and Social Innovation in Catalonia

Helena Cruz, Rubén Martínez Moreno, and Ismael Blanco

Political Consumerism and Producerism inTimes of Crisis. A Social Movement Perspective?

Massimiliano Andretta, Riccardo Guidi

Open Section

Social Movements and New Forms of Political Organization: Podemos as a Hybrid Party

Daniela Chironi, Raffaella Fittipaldi

Italian Students as a Political Actor. The Policy Impact of the Recent Student Mobilizations in the Field of Higher Education

Lorenzo Cini

Book Reviews

John Cianchi, John (2015), Radical Environmentalism: Nature, Identity and More-than-human Agency, Palgrave Macmillan, UK, pp. 191.

Meredian Alam

Castelli Gattinara, Pietro (2016), The Politics of Migration in Italy. Perspectives on local debates and party competition, New York: Routledge, pp. 214.

Teresa M. Cappiali

Vol. 10, No. 2 (2017). Special issue: De-Politicization in the Neoliberal Era


The Concept of De-Politicization and Its Consequences

Fabio de Nardis 

Special Issue

Neo-liberalism, Crisis and the Contradictions of Depoliticisation

Peter Burnham  

Depoliticizing Public Action by Politicizing Issues, Practices and Actors. The Role of Resilience Thinking in a Program of the Cariplo Foundation

Ernesto d’Albergo, Giulio Moini

The De-Politicization of Social Policy at the Time of Social Investment. Mechanisms and Distinctive Features

Sandro Busso

PPP Policy, Depoliticisation, and Anti-Politics

Tom Willems, Wouter Van Dooren, Martijn van den Hurk

The Politics of Global Indicators in Designing, Promoting and Legitimating the Competition State

Diego Giannone

The Impolitic Narrative of Grassroots Movements against Neoliberal De-Politicization. The Case of Commons

Onofrio Romano

The Populist Re-Politicization. Some Lessons from South America and Southern Europe

Enrico Padoan

Beyond the Perimeter of Depoliticization.The Evolution of the Global Governance of Refugees and its Territorialisation in Calabria

Mariafrancesca D’Agostino

Impolitic Gambling. Chance and Inequality in Contemporary Italy

Sabino Di Chio

Scaling in Polanyi. Reconsidering the Local in the Age of Neoliberalism

Fikret Adaman

Neither Completely Political nor Completely Unpolitical. The Third Way of Deliberative Arenas

Luigi Bobbio

Open Section

The Body of the Ancestor and Other Stories. Social Sciences and the Distant Past of Communication

Stefano Cristante

Book Reviews

Bosi Lorenzo, Marco Giugni, and Katrin Uba (2016), The Consequences of Social Movements, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Lorenzo Cini

Vol. 10, No. 3 (2017). Special issue: Anti-Corruption Movements


Anti-Corruption from Below.Social Movements Against Corruption in Late Neoliberalism

Donatella della Porta                                                                                           

Special Issue

Bach to the Origin? Popular Sovereignty from French Revolution to Current Anti- Corruption Movements: the Spanish Case in Historical Perspective

Loris Caruso                                                                                          

From Data Extraction to Data Leaking.Data-activism in Italian and Spanish anti-corruption campaigns

Alice Mattoni                                                                                                    

Do Lulu Movements in Italy Fight Mafia and Corruption? Framing processes and ‘anti-system’ struggles in the No Tav, No Bridge and No Muos case studies

Gianni Piazza, Giuliana Sorgi                                                                              

Screaming at a Wall.Societal accountability from below in Bulgaria and Hungary

Andrea L.P.  Pirro                                                                     

The Romanian People Versus Corruption. The Paradoxical Nexus of Protest and Adaptation

Tina Olteanu, Shaazka Beyerle                                                                                         

Rising Against the Thieves. Anti-Corruption Campaigns in South-Eastern Europe

Chiara Milan                                                                                                               

Who is Responsible for Corruption? Framing strategies of social movements in West Africa mobilizing against presidential term amendments

Louisa Prause, Nina-Kathrin Wienkoop                                                                             

Open Section

Paradoxes of Democracy and Depoliticisation in the Social Peripheries of Modernity

Gianpasquale Preite                                                                                                       

Emotions in Inter-Action in Environmental Resistances. The case of Comité Salvabosque in Mexico

Alice Poma, Tommaso Gravante                                                                            

Environmental Justice in Italy

Francesca Rosignoli                                                                     

Are Solidarity Purchasing Groups a Social Innovation? A Study Inspired by Social Forces

Lara Maestripieri                                               

The Hopeless Forecast Under the Gloomy Sky. Crisis of Political Legitimacy and Role of Future Perspective in Hard Times

Pasquale Colloca                                                                                                

Adapation or Transformation? Interpreting Participation in Times of Austerity in an Old Red Region

Mattia Casula                                                                                                              

Book Reviews

Anselmi Manuel (2017), Populism. An introduction, New York, London: Routledge

Andrea Scolari                                                                                                              

Sassatelli Roberta, Marco Santoro, Giovanni Semi (eds.) (2015), Fronteggiare la crisi. Come cambia lo stile di vita del ceto medio [Facing the crisis. How the lifestyle of the middle class changes], Bologna: Il Mulino.

Simone Tosi                                                                                                                 

Progetti in cantiere 2018:

New special issues are forthcoming or planned:

Vol. 11, Issue 1: 2018

“Social responses to the Greek economic crisis”

Guest Editors: Stefania Kalogeraki, Christina Karakioulafi

With a Symposium in the memory of Luigi Bobbio

Vol. 11, Issue 2: 2018

“The Big Data Challenge. From Big Data in Politics to the Politics of Big Data”

Guest Editors: Alice Mattoni and Elena Pavan

Vol. 11, Issue 3: 2018 (Special 10th Anniversary Issue)

“Contentious actors, spaces and themes in present and future societies”

Edited by the Editorial Staff

The 10th anniversary edition of Partecipazione e Conflitto will examine the state of contentious politics today and reflect on its future developments in our societies. After 10 years of publishing innovative articles on myriad aspects of contentious politics, political participation, and grassroots mobilizations in Europe and beyond, our anniversary edition will look to the future, starting from the actors, spaces and themes that characterize political, economic, social, and cultural conflicts today. With this aim in mind we are looking for original contributions based on sound empirical work that reflect on potential future developments related to the manifold ways in which grassroots groups seek to change societies – or to resist certain changes in the societies they inhabit. Particular attention will be devoted to ‘space’ and ‘time’ as contextualizing aspects of conflicts, two dimensions that are often neglected by existing research. In addition to Europe, the special issue aims at shedding light on conflicts in other regional contexts, such as Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Australia.


Activity in 2018:

In 2018 We have published three special issues and several articles in the Open Section. The special issues are:

PACO 11(1), 2018:

Socio-political Responses during Recessionary Times in Greece”, edited by Stefania Kalogeraki, University of Crete. PACO 11(2), 2018: “From Big Data in Politics to the Politics of Big Data”, edited by Alice Mattoni, University of Bologna, and Elena Pavan, Scuola Normale Superiore. PACO 11(3), 2018: “Ten years of PACO”, edited by Alice Mattoni, University of Bologna, Louisa Parks, University of Trento, and Luca Raffini, University of Genoa.

Table of contents of the three issue of 2018:

PACO 11(1), 2018:


Socio-political Responses during Recessionary Times in Greece: An Introduction”, Stefania Kalogeraki

Special Issue

Not Just Solidarity Providers. Investigating the Political Dimension of Alternative Action Organisations (AAOs) during the Economic Crisis in Greece”, Angelos Loukakis, pp. 12-37;

“Exploring Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) during the Greek Economic Crisis”, Marina Papadaki, Stefania Kalogeraki

Social and Solidarity Economy. The Case of an Urban Consumption Co-operative in Greece” Eugenia A. Petropoulou

Autonomy, Degrowth and Prefigurative Politics: Voices of Solidarity Economy Activists amid Economic Crisis in Greece”, Yiannis Zaimakis

“Triggering Solidarity Actions towards Contingent Workers and the Unemployed. The Point of View of Grassroots Trade Unionists and Labour Activists”,Christina Karakioulafis, Kostas Kanellopoulos

Gender Resilience in Times of Economic Crisis: Findings from Greece”, Yota Papageorgiou, Vasiliki Petousi

Open Section

“Like a Dog in THE Manger: Mobilizations in Times of Extractive Capitalism: The Cases of Romania and the Czech Republic”,Eliska Drapalova

“Populism, Cleavages, and Democracy”, Giovanni Barbieri


“Symposium in Honor of Luigi Bobbio: An Introduction”, Luca Raffini

Framing (De)Politicization in Deliberative Arenas”, Luigi Pellizzoni

“The deliberative Arenas in the Crisis of Democracy”, Anna Carola Freschi

“Should Sleeping Dogs Be Woken? Conflict, Participation and Deliberative Arenas”, Patrice Melé

“Democratic Deliberation, Social Movements and the Quest for Democratic Politics”, Donatella della Porta, Andrea Felicetti

“Concepts and Experiences: The Theoretical Pragmatism of Luigi Bobbio”, Antonio Floridia

“Local Democracy and Deliberative Arenas: Politics in the Garbage Can?”, Giulio Citroni

“Deliberative Design for Public Engagement in Decision-Making Processes”, Francesca Gelli

“Luigi Bobbio: A Mentor Between Fieldwork and Public Action”, Stefania Ravazzi, Gianfranco Pomatto


Auyero J., M.F. Berti (2015), In Harms’s Way, The Dunamics of Urban Violence, Priceton, NJ: Princeton University Press, Rémi Guillem

L.M. Salamon, S. Wojciech Sokilowski, and M.A. Haddock (2017), Explaining Civil Society Development. A Social Origins Approach, Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, Anna Reggiardo

PACO 11(2), 2018:


Politics, Participation and Big Data. Introductory Reflections on the Ontological, Epistemological, and Methodological Aspects of a Complex Relationship”, Alice Mattoni and Elena Pavan

Special Issue:

Software Power as Soft Power. A Literature Review on Computational Propaganda Effects in Public Opinion and Political Process”, Rose Marie Santini, Larissa Agostini, Carlos Eduardo Barros, Danilo Carvalho, Rafael Centeno de Rezende, Debora G. Salles, Kenzo Seto, Camyla Terra, and Giulia Tucci

“From Super-Participants to Super-Echoed. Participation in the 2018 Italian Electoral Twittersphere”, Roberta Bracciale, Antonio Martella, and Chiara Visentin

“Striking, Marching, Tweeting. Studying How Online Networks Change Together with Movements”, Elena Pavan and Arianna Mainardi

The Last Will Be the First. A Study of European Issue Publics on Twitter”, Javier Ruiz-Soler

“The Politics of Big Data Assemblages”, Biagio Aragona, Cristiano Felaco, and Marina Marino

SYMPOSIUM on: “A Bird’s Eye on Big Data and Politics across the World”

“Big Data and Accountability in Nigeria. Insights from the BudgIT Organization and the #OpenNASS Campaign”, Kelechi Okechukwu Amakoh, Babatunde Adeshina Faustino, Faith Aanu Oloruntoba, and Abigail Odozi Ogwezzy-Ndisika

“The Promise and Pitfalls of Big Data and Computational Studies of Politics”, Jennifer Earl

“When Context Matters. Analyzing Conflicts with the Use of Big Textual Corpora from Russian and International Social Media”, Svetlana S. Bodrunova

The Political Economy of Data Localization”, Jyoti Panday and Jeremy Malcolm

“How Data-Driven Research Fuelled the Cambridge Analytica Controversy”, Annika Richterich

“Gender Equality and Big Data in the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals”, Aimée Vega Montiel

“Social Media Research After the Fake News Debacle”, Richard Rogers

Open section:

“Discourses and Practices of Radical Democracy. The 15M movement as a space of mobilization”, José Candón Mena, David Montero Sánchez, and Ángel Calle Collado

Book Reviews:

Martínez López, Miguel Angel (Eds., 2018) The Urban Politics of Squatters’ Movements: The Contemporary City, London: Palgrave McMillan, Carlotta Caciagli

PACO 11(3), 2018:


“Tenth Anniversary Edition of Partecipazione e Conflitto”, (On behalf of the Editorial Team): Alice Mattoni, Louisa Parks, and Luca Raffini

Special Issue:

“Challenges of the Anti-Trump Movement”, Sidney Tarrow and David S. Meyer

“The Political Impact of Social Insecurity in France”, Nonna Mayer

“The ‘Missing Conflict’ of the Sabarmati Riverfront. Authoritarian Governance, Neoliberalism and Water in Ahmedabad, India”, Gloria Pessina

“Global Rights and Local Struggles. The case of the ILO Convention n.189 on domestic work”, Daniela Cherubini, Giulia Garofalo Geymonat, and Sabrina Marchetti

“What We Talk about When We Talk about ‘Local’ Participation in International Biodiversity Law. The Changing Scope of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities’ Participation under the Convention on Biological Diversity”, Louisa Parks and Mika Schröder

“Everyday Identity Change. Convergences and Challenges, Achievements and Agendas of Recent Research”, Jennifer Todd

Open Section:

“Categorizing Collective Capabilities”, Francesca Rosignoli

“Awakening the Sleeping Giant? The Euro Crisis and EU Issue Voting in Germany”, Luca Carrieri

“The Italian Animal Advocacy Archipelago and the Four Animalisms”, Niccolò Bertuzzi

Book Reviews:

Dominique Lorrain and Franck Poupeau (2016), Water Regimes: Beyond the Public and Private Sector, New York: Routledge, Vanessa Mascia Turri

Swianiewicz, P. and Teles, F. (eds., 2018), Intermunicipal Cooperation in Europe. Institutions and Governance, New York, NY, Palgrave Macmillan, Matteo Bocchino

Marino, S., Roosblad, J., & Penninx, R. (Eds., 2017), Trade Unions and Migrant Workers: New Contexts and Challenges in Europe, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, Carlotta Benvegnù

Marcos Ancelovici, Pascale Dufour and Héloïse Nez (eds., 2016), Street Politics in the Age of Austerity: From the Indignados to Occupy, Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2016, Raffaele Bazurli

Reporting of the strengths of 2018:

In 2018 the journal strengthened its international ties through special issues in which many scholars from all over the world have wrote, also confirming the format of the Symposium which guarantees debate and dynamism. Also the impact of the journal on the scientific community continues to grow as evidenced by the bibliometric indices recorded by SJR and SCOPUS. In 2018 PACO is ranked 1st in Italy among Sociology and Political Science Journal and among the first twenty worldwide (among open access journals).